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From what I know, love is manifested in a lot of ways and through a variety of people. There is love for parents, siblings, love for your partner, love for nature, God, love towards our hobbies and much more. This reaffirms the fact that love has forms infinite. It is gifted to us every day of our life. Sometimes we just fail to notice it or are so wrapped up in our lives that we ignore it.  


Love is an opportunity to give without expecting. And March edition of Wisdom Quest, ‘Ai’, brings forth various persuasions of love from our talented writers. We have Arunabh, Qudsiya, Muqqadas, Anjali, Revanth, Pranjali, Abhishek, and Kaynat letting out their hearts to readers and weaving stories that give new definitions to this profound emotion. 


Love is not easy. It never was, never will. But as difficult as it is to quest for love, it is a hundred times more to live without it. With Ai, we carry to our readers a handful of heart-warming pieces.  


So that you may revisit love and protect it throughout.





愛: Ai

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