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The book is a collection of peer reviewed essays selected from the proceedings of the ICSSR Sponsored National Seminar “Gender-Discrimination at the Workplace and Women’s Mental Health: An Interdisciplinary Approach” organised by Department of English, Nowgong College (Autonomous) (Upgraded to University) in collaboration with Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) Nowgong College (Autonomous) Nagaon, Assam on 28th and 29th December, 2023. The essays in this volume have dealt with the wide ranging issues of women’s mental health concerns and gender discrimination at the workplace and beyond in realist socio-cultural narratives and in the imaginary space of literature and cinema. The focus on women centric cinema , feminist poetry, socially reflective topics like women and water issues, pee movement etc are some of the themes that have been deliberated upon in this collection from individual perspectives of the scholars with larger social concerns.

Interstice: Troubled Mind and Gendered Spaces

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