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Product name: Thoughts of a single mind

Product type: Poetry book

Quantity: 1 

Author: Neha Bharali

What you get: The print copy alongside Free add ons: the ebook copy, Neha Bharali's Premium Subscription for a year, free WissenMonk monthly magazine for a year, 

September special add on: WissenMonk Anthology 2020 ebook of value ₹99


Thoughts of a Single mind takes you into a world of words that makes you feel at home. We all are vulnerable, we all are victims of our own thoughts. This book brings to you a part of you, that you fear to explore. Into the world of art, I take you. In just mere stanzas, Thoughts of a Single Mind will make you feel at home.



From the author: I am what I write and somewhere down the line I reflect you.. Where was I and where am I. I have always been vocal about my experiences with life because it is an escapance for me. I began to write for as long as I can remember. At 21 being able to write my own book with nothing to hold onto other than my capabilities, is big for me. I have been through a lot to be where I am today and there is no stopping. Believe and just do what feels right. I am offering you a piece of me, read and judge. 🌻

Thoughts of a single mind

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